About Bob Devine

I was born in the Kent countryside, and grew up with nature and I feel it is an integral part of me and my make-up. I used the family camera to take black and white photos of the farm animals on a local farm. Now, over fifty years later I use Canon's top professional equipment and travel the world to take images of wild animals in their environment.

As I walked the countryside as a boy I loved to see the animals of all types but was most excited to see a Fox or a Badger and sometimes a Stoat or a Weasel. So, now it is not surprising to see me on the African savannah looking for the predators.

I have travelled to America and Canada for Bears, India for Tigers, Europe for Eagles and other birds. In Africa, Botswana's Okavango Delta and Kenya's Masai Mara can provide many photographic opportunities, making them my preferred locations.

Taking images of wild subjects is instinctive, and my heart tells me when to release the camera shutter.

Photographic Awards

I enter images into exhibitions all over the world, and have received many awards, including gold and silver medals. The number of images being accepted in international exhibitions has led me to receive distinctions with International photographic organisations. I have been awarded:

I invite you to look through my images and hope you enjoy them.

Bob Devine